Crave Nasi Lemak is known for serving appetizing Malaysian style nasi lemak. Crave Nasi Lemak offers different promotions throughout the year to satisfy their customers. All of the promotions offered by the restaurant are available all of the outlets. You can use these promotions to get massive discounts on your meals. From delicious nasi lemak to crispy chicken, Crave Nasi Lemak Promotions are available for everything you are craving for.

Crave Nasi Lemak Promotions

Three different types of deals or promotions are currently available at Crave Nasi Lemak: 

Website & App Exclusive

Get 50% Off On All Sets: When you order through a website or app, all nasi lemak packages will be reduced to half. Take advantage of this limited-time offer because it is still available!

All-Day Promotions

$5.50 Buddy Meal Promotion: Looking for a budget friendly meal? Do’nt worry, Crave Nasi Lemak is here to help you. Get two sets of nasi lemak for only $5.50. 

$10.90 Value Meals: Do you want a big bite? For only $10.90, you can purchase a Chicken Cutlet + Fried Mackerel Value Meal.

SAFRA Member Exclusive 

Chicken Otah Meatloaf Nasi Lemak + 1 Bergedil + 1 Drink for $7.50: If you have a SARFA card, just show this card and enjoy Chicken Otah Meatloaf Nasi Lemak, Bergedil, and Drink for $7.50. 

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Additional Tips

Check Social Media Pages: Follow Crave on social media pages like Instagram and Facebook as different collaborations, seasonal promotions, and flash sales are frequently updated on our social media accounts. 

Download App: Always keep your eye on mobile notification and deals for latest promotions. 

Call Your Nearest Outlet: Some Crave outlets might offer additional deals and promotions, so always call your nearest outlet to find out that promotions are currently available there. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Member promotions, exclusive website/app deals, limited-time offers, bundle deals, discounts, and many other promotions are available. 

There are a lot of ways to check about the current promotions of crave nasi lemak such as use deal websites, call your nearest outlet, download the app, follow our social media, or visit website. 

The majority of deals are available at every Crave Nasi Lemak location, however some may only be found elsewhere. Prior to placing an order, it is advisable to confirm with your favorite shop.

It is possible certain deals have exclusions on particular items, time limits, or minimum order amounts. Remember to carefully read the fine print.

It’s recommended to Crave Nasi Lemak’s website or app regularly as they frequently alter their promos.

Crave Nasi Lemak offers delivery throughout the Singapore. The delivery charges may depend upon your distance from the restaurant

Final Words

Do you want tasty and affordable nasi lemak? Enjoy Crave Nasi Lemak Promotions! They have some really good offers, such as buddy packages, large bundles, and half-price lunches. Check out the latest specials by calling us, visiting our website, or using an app. Enjoy some delicious Crave Nasi Lemak, a Malaysian dish! Try it today, without delay!